This page contains the roadmap for past releases that were part of the 9.x Release Cycle. Latest roadmaps can be found on the XWiki Enterprise Roadmap page.

XWiki 9.6 - 9.7


  • error Postponed to later PDF Export - we need to be able to export multiple pages into one pdf file, with no errors and the best rendering possible - Picture of VincentMassol Vincent
  • Livetable improvements - Picture of pbondoerffer Pierre Picture of mflorea Marius
    • Implement bulk actions on livetable items
    • Allow List of Users filtering also by entering first and last name, not just the user id
    • Displaying a livetable list filter for a non-static list field is not scalable
    • Support LiveTable text filtering on DBListclass columns
  • Administration: Default values - Picture of mflorea Marius?
    • Display the default and inherited values in the Administration
    • Show default value for date format in administration
  • Save button more visible. Position Save buttons on a fixed-bottom area. - Picture of pbondoerffer Pierre
  • Notifications - Continue work - Picture of gdelhumeau Guillaume Picture of caubin Clement
    • Replace Watchlist (missing: realtime notifications, RSS feed, Watch this page/space/wiki)
    • Replace Activity Stream
    • accept Easy to add notifications from contrib apps
    • Add notifications for some recommended apps
  • accept Get rid of old WYSIWYG - Picture of mflorea Marius
  • accept Be able to remove most Standard flavor dependencies - Picture of ThomasMortagne Thomas
  • Improve XWiki Upgrades - Picture of XWikiGuest Unknown?
    • Display a notification when there’s a newer version available
    • Warnings when editing extension pages (same as for delete)

Nice to have after the needed ones are done:

  • Add support for Maven `<exclusions>` in Extension Manager
  • Performance work
    • Finish stuff to make filesystem attachment/history content the default (automatic migration, broken deleted attachments UI, etc.)
    • - Store the job status in separated files
    • - Live storage of the job log instead of at the end of the job execution
    • Async macros, panels, ui extensions, etc.
    • ...
  • Tour improvements
    • accept - Add UI to use of `reflex` atrribute - Picture of pbondoerffer Pierre


  • 9.6RC1: 12th July (2w + 2 days) 13th July accept
  • 9.6Final: 20th of July but we need to start releasing on 17th to be sure we're done before the XWiki SAS seminar (it starts on the 21st till the 28th and during this period the committers from XWiki SAS won’t be very active! emoticon_smile) 22th July accept
  • 9.7RC1: 21st of August (3w) 23th of August accept
  • 9.7Final: 28th of August accept

XWiki 9.3 - 9.5

  • Move from XE to KB Flavor and distribute the platform distribution - Thomas
  • Prepared mails might be never sent if the XWiki server crash or is restarted - Vincent
  • Be able to also restore deleted children pages when restoring a parent nested page - Edy
  • Improved Rights UI: Investigation only - Caty
  • HomePage: Proposals for exposing people to the help content from the home page and possible different default content for the home page. Investigation then some implementation - Caty for investigation. ? for dev
  • Livetable: Batch Selection + Better Filters (users, boolean, date, partial location) - Marius?
  • Administration: Suggest & Filter for menu categories - Marius
  • Administration: Default values - Marius?
  • Various UI usability improvements. Some topics to investigate + some implementation - Caty for investigation. Edy and Marius for dev
    • Save button more visible
    • Implement an option to display action name under icons + Make wheel and 3dots menu more coherent
    • AWM "add entries” + Drop down on "+" Menu + Admin UI to select some templates
    • Make discoverable the logo change feature
  • Create an extension point for the "Content Menu” area - Edy
  • Multipage tours - Pierre
  • Bundle Menu Application - Investigation then some implementation - Caty for investigation. Edy for dev
  • Bundle Help Center Application - Edy
  • new version - Marius
  • Attachment Selector improvements - Marius
  • Polishing CKEditor - Marius
  • Look for a user workaround for the limitation of 255 chars in document location - Thomas
  • Continue working on notifications - Guillaume
  • Improve PDF Export - Vincent


  • 9.3RC1: 18 April 2017 19 April 2017 (3w) accept
  • 9.3Final: 24 April 2017 (1w) accept
  • 9.4RC1: 22 May 2017 23 May 2017 (4w) accept
  • 9.4Final: 29 May 2017 (1w) accept
  • 9.5RC1: 19 June 2017 (3w) 20 June 2017 accept
  • 9.5Final: 26 June 2017 (1w) 27 June 2017 accept

XWiki 9.0 - 9-2

  • Distribution Manager Command Line Upgrade (aka Unattended Upgrades) - Thomas
  • Polish CKEditor - Marius
  • Auto-adjust column size on PDF export, to get different column lengths - Guillaume (Delayed since it's a complex issue in the end with a bug in FOP)

  • Extension manager improvements to have more control on upgrades (XWIKI-12705 and XWIKI-13747) - Thomas
  • Ease of Use - Marius
    • Demo Content
      • Create an accessible entry point for the demo content
      • Make a selection of features to showcase (rich text content, wiki macros, page templates with structured data and applications)
      • The demo content must target the simple users
    • Administration
      • Improve the grouping of administration sections
      • Prioritise categories/sections that are used more often
      • Add support for joining the community mailing list
  • Default product pages should not be easily deleted - Guillaume
  • Move from XE to KB Flavor (up to the distribution) - Thomas
  • In-Product Tours and Documentation - Marius
    • Find a way to promote App Within Minutes
  • Notification System - Guillaume


  • 9.0RC1: 23 January 2017 26 January 2017 accept
  • 9.0Final: 30 January 2017 31 January 2017 accept
  • 9.1RC1: 20 February 2017 21 February 2017 accept
  • 9.1Final: 27 February 2017 accept
  • 9.2RC1: 20 March 2017 23 March 2017 accept
  • 9.2Final: 27 March 2017 28 March 2017 accept

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