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17 +== Asynchronous Copy and Rename Page ==
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19 +The copy and rename page operations are now performed asynchronously, in a background thread, when triggered from the UI. Clicking on the Copy/Rename button takes you to a status page where you can see the options that have been selected and the progress of the operation. The advanced users have access to the operation log.
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21 +{{image reference="copyProgress.png" /}}
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23 +The progress bar is replaced with the operation status at the end in order to let you know if the operation succeeded or failed. You can use the breadcrumbs to navigate to the new page or the old one.
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25 +{{image reference="renameStatus.png" /}}
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17 17  == Link syntax improvements for Nested Pages ==
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19 19  With the addition of Nested Pages, a discrepancy appeared between the UI and the wiki syntax. The UI always talks about (nested) pages and never about spaces, but in the wiki syntax you would still have to specify both the space and the name of a page when linking to it (e.g. writing ##~[~[Some.Nested.Page.WebHome]]## if you want to create a link to the nested page ##Some.Nested.Page##). The same applies to ##image~:## or ##attach~:## syntax. The technical reason for this was that, at the wiki syntax level, untyped links were always being resolved to ##doc:## type links.

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