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1 1 Release Notes for XWiki Enterprise Manager 1.2 Milestone 1
3 This is the second XEM version.
5 #toc("" "" "")
7 1.1 Bug fixes and new features in 1.2 Milestone 1 (from 1.1)
9 Based on [XWiki Enterprise 1.4M1>ReleaseNotesXWikiEnterprise14M1] (was XWiki Enterprise 1.3)
11 Some of the main new features and bug fixes for XEM:
12 * Ability to export multiwiki pages as HTML in a zip file
13 * New Toucan skin
14 * Complete rewrite of the LDAP authentication support including the support for LDAP groups and possibility to have different LDAP configuration by wiki even enable/disable LDAP
15 * [Watchlist>code:Plugins.WatchlistPlugin] feature now works in multiwiki
17 All [Wiki Manager>code:Applications.WikiManagerApplication] 1.2 Milestone 1 bug fixes and new features
19 Bug fixes
20 * XAWM-63: Broken translations in wikis descritors sheet page
21 * XAWM-62: Can't recreate a wiki which just been deleted
23 See Jira for full list of fixed bugs and new features: [Wiki Manager>]
25 1.1 Known issues
27 * [Bugs we know about>]
28 * [XWiki Platform bugs we know about>]
30 1.1 Installation
32 A XEM installation works like XWiki Enterprise (XE). Thus to install XEM check the [XE installation instructions>AdminGuide.Installation#HInstallingtheXWikiWARmanually].
34 When compared to XE, XEM is different in the following areas:
35 * Actually at this time only MySQL and Oracle databases engines are fully supported.
36 * You'll have to configure your database so that it has the rights to create new databases. See the [Virtualization guide>platform:AdminGuide.Virtualization#HRequirements] for details on how to do this.
38 Once you have finished the standard XE-like installation, go to the XEM home page and follow the instructions there.
41 1.1 Common Migration notes
43 The database structure has been changed but we have set up an automatic migration system so you shouldn't have to touch your Database to upgrade to 1.3. Thus you can simply install this version and configure it to point to your existing database.
45 #warning("You'll also need to define the property <tt></tt> to your <tt>xwiki.cfg</tt> file or explicitely name all databases to be migrated as in <tt>,db2,...</tt>.")
47 You may also want to [import the default XEM wiki XAR>Main.Download] in order to benefit from improvements listed above.
49 #warning("Always make sure you compare your <tt>xwiki.cfg</tt> file with the newest version since some configuration parameters were added. Of note, you should add <tt></tt> so that XWiki will attempt to automatically migrate your current database to the new schema. Make sure you backup your Database before doing anything.")
51 #info("Make sure you import the new [Panels Application XAR 1.4>code:Applications.PanelsApplication] since it's required by the new Albatross and Toucan skin versions.")

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