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4 4  If you're interested to add your own testimonial, please register and edit the page or add a testimonial as a comment. You can also blog about it, tweet it, etc. This is one of the ways to [[contribute>>dev:Community.Contributing]] to the XWiki project.
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7 +* 6th December 2018, from Guido Kracke in private email:(((
8 +> Again and again I’m very happy, that I happened to come across XWiki: It’s a marvelous, well designed, mature, feature-rich, easy to use and to extend base application and application building tool box. Whatever I need, I find it prepared or already implemented. You’ve done a really great job and I wish you all the success you deserve.
9 +)))
10 +* 28th November 2018, from Valentin on [[the XWiki forum>>]]:(((
11 +> The XWiki software doesn’t show very many things on the surface, but when you dig deeper you find out that it’s quite consistent and well thought-through even at details.
12 +> Thanks for such a great open source project!
13 +)))
7 7  * 25th February 2018, from Didier Lüthi on [[Facebook>>]]:(((
8 8  > Installé en 10 minutes avec Docker, fonctionne à merveille. XWiki est mature, évolutif et surtout disponible en OpenSource! L'essayer c'est l'adopter :-)
9 9  )))
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48 48  > great! every time I scratch the surface of XWiki, there's more surface to scratch! this really is a great product.
49 49  )))
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51 -* 19 May 2016, from Manuel Chaverra:(((
52 -> Hi everyone,
53 ->
54 ->Before I send my feedback I have to say that english is not my first language, so I apologize for my english.
55 ->
56 ->I'm new using XWiki and I'm having a problem when I try to customize any color theme. When I choose an existing color theme and try to customize it, the theme editor saves the changes but it never applies it to my XWiki. But, when I create a color theme with the configuration I want, the theme editor saves it correctly and applies it to my XWiki, this is OK, the problem comes when I want to change anything in the theme I created because it make the same thing I first say (Save the changes but don't apply them).
57 ->
58 ->I hope I made myself clear.
59 ->
60 ->Thank you for reading and please help me to solve this problem.
61 ->
62 ->Cheers.
63 -)))
64 -
65 65  * 14 March 2016, from Marc Lijour on GetApp:(((
66 66  > There are a lot of software out there to store documents, deal with live text, revisions, and collaboration... but most are just another bucket where information goes to die. XWiki is the programmable information management platform. As a platform, you can expand it with functions that make sense to input, link, display, report, and pretty much everything you need to do with your information to achieve your business outcomes. Plus, you don't need to be a hardcore programmer to get to use it efficiently.
67 67  )))

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