Jan 31 2008

This is the first stable version of XWiki Enterprise Manager. The main goal of this product is to easily manage wikis farms.

This version is based on XE 1.2.1 and bundles Application Manager and Wiki Manager applications/plugins.

Changes from 1.0RC1:

  • XWIKI-2028 - Can't delete document using Document.delete if user does not have programming rights (makes applications and wikis delete impossible for user without programming rights)
  • XWIKI-2027 - Lucene plugin filter some pages in the search result list
  • XAAM-53: DefaultXObjectDocument.mergeObject does not overwrite fields that not null (Some fields are not taken into account when creating the new wiki or new application).
  • XAWM-50: Trying to create a wiki without wiki name should return error
  • XAWM-49: Hide "Activity" option

For more information see the Release notes at: http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Main/ReleaseNotesXEM10


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