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  • JoeFernandez
    JoeFernandez, 2006/12/22

    This is great, guys! Congratulations on the beta release. I'm really looking forward to trying out XWiki.

    Unfortunately, when I download and install the pre-packaged, stand-alone version on my Windows XP box and point my browser at: http://localhost:8080/xwiki/bin/view/Main/WebHome

    I get this error page:

    HTTP ERROR: 500

    org/radeox/api/engine/context/RenderContext (Unsupported major.minor version 49.0)


    Powered by Jetty://

    I hope you guys get a chance to look at this an fix it soon.



  • DericKho
    DericKho, 2006/12/22

    I downloaded the WAR package.

    I got the same error on JBoss 3.2, but it went well on Tomcat 5.5.

  • adam_crume
    adam_crume, 2006/12/22

    The problem is caused by Radeox being compiled for a 1.5+ JVM, but the app being run in a 1.4 JVM. To fix it, do this:

    • Go to and download the latest source
    • If you're using a 1.5+ JRE, change build.xml so that the javac task contains source="1.4" and target="1.4"
    • Run Ant
    • Go into the cls folder and jar up the contents
    • Download and unpack the XWiki WAR
    • In the WEB-INF/lib folder, replace the Radeox JAR with the one you created
    • Re-package up the XWiki WAR and install it
  • DericKho
    DericKho, 2006/12/25

    Thanks Adam!

    That worked for me.

    Happy Holidays!!!

  • marco
    marco, 2006/12/26

    hi! nice work.... can you tell us something about the new tagging option (and, perhaps very short how to use it)? i was hoping you integrate that for a loooong emoticon_smile

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