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7 7  If you intend to use HSQLDB in production you should probably tune it for a production usage. If you've installed the XWiki standalone distribution just be aware that it's not tuned to be production-ready. Also note that you would need to find a way to perform backups, live replication, administration tools etc. We would suggest using a more production-ready database such as MySQL or PostgreSQL if you can.
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9 +In addition you should be aware that HSQLDB stores the full database in memory which means you'd need to size your memory accordingly. As an indicator having a wiki with 9 subwikis (default XE pages) takes around 110MB in memory and you'd need to have more than 512MB or you'd quickly get Out of Memory errors when performing some memory-intensive operations (exports, etc).
8 8  {{/warning}}
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10 10  = Other optional ideas =

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