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9 9  3. Scroll down to the field that says ##Maximum Upload Size## and change the number to whatever size you want (it is expressed in bytes)
10 10  4. Scroll to the bottom and click save.
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12 += Versions =
13 +When a user uploads an attachment then uploads another attachment with the exact same name, you can decide whether or not to keep a version history of the attachments like you do with documents.
14 +XWiki stores all document attachment versions by default which costs more storage space. If you need only latest versions of attachments, you can disable attachment version control by editing your [[xwiki.cfg>>platform:AdminGuide.Configuration#HSamplexwiki.cfg]] and adding:
15 +
16 +{{code language="none"}}xwiki.store.attachment.versioning=0{{/code}}
17 +
18 += Deletion =
19 +Deleted attachments are stored in a recycle bin so that they can be restored along with the document when rolling back or previewing an earlier version where the attachment should be visible. To disable this feature, edit xwiki.cfg and add:
20 +
21 +{{code language="none"}}storage.attachment.recyclebin=0{{/code}}
22 +
23 +You can view the list of deleted attachments in your wiki and delete them permanently by going to [[XWiki.DeletedAttachments>>playground:XWiki.DeletedAttachments]] in your wiki.
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12 12  = Attachment Storage =
13 13  XWiki offers plugin attachment storage mechanisms so you can store your attachments in the database or directly in the filesystem.
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